Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introduction to Henry's Stories

Stories written by Henry Melton will appear in serialized form on these pages.  There will be short fiction and novels, old stories and new ones.  Think of it as my own private magazine.
For many years, I have been blogging on writing, publishing, travel, book and product reviews, etc. at Idle Thoughts, and that will continue, but this one will be for stories only, plus a very few notes like this one.  My intent is to showcase some novels, as well as to find a home for short fiction that keeps coming out of my keyboard when I get distracted.
Comments are welcome, both on the content and on how the site is presented.  Many of the works will be added to my list of e-book and paper book titles available for sale, so corrections are a necessary part of the process.  There is a link in the sidebar in case you want to purchase things I have published.
Once a story begins, I'll attempt to keep episodes coming on a regular basis, but there will likely be longer gaps between stories as I prepare material for this site.  
This is an exciting experiment for me, and I hope it will collect an audience large enough to make it worthwhile to continue.  Please share this location to others.
----  Henry

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