Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oops. It's Wednesday.

It's Wednesday, and I totally forgot to put a story into the queue for today.  I'll have it fixed by Friday.

No excuses, but if you want to know, I've been deep into the first draft of a new novel, The Kingdom of the Hill Country, which is part 2 of The Project Saga.  Star Time is part one and has been getting some nice reviews.  TPS is certainly my most ambitious project and parts of it require a lot of thought and planning.

Not that I intend to let Henry's Stories lapse.  If my memory serves, it's been running six months now.  I have a big list of stories I intend to use, as well as some that need to be re-written and tidied up before they're let out in public.

Also on my action list is a graphical update to the site.  I need a nice banner graphic on the main page that gives a passerby an instant idea what's likely to be found in the pages.  So, if you're an artist, or you know of an interested artist, give me a link to a portfolio so I can see if your graphical style could work with what I have in mind of the site.  Down the road, I may want to use the same or a related graphic as the cover to an anthology print or ebook of the Henry's Stories shorter fiction.  I'm not asking for work on spec.  When I find a compatible artist, we'll talk terms.

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