Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Oops.

In my email this morning was another message from Matt X.  My first thought was a rapid scan through my memory.  Yes, this is Monday.  Oops.  At the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought to myself, "I've got plenty of time to post the next story, and maybe I can fit a little blog posting in over the weekend."  Then my son arrived with grand plans for a movie marathon.  He'd never seen the Harry Potter movies.  With the business of the holiday and downloading more GB than my slow DSL line could handle, I was distracted.

Thanks, Matt X, for the typos notices.  I've made the corrections online and also in the source files. This is valuable to me, because I intend to make use of these stories again.  Many of my stories have been published multiple times in different markets, and I'm always open to that.  But I have more plans for "Henry's Stories" in particular.

Here is my grand scheme.  Either at the end of 2011, or at the one-year mark of HS, I'll pull a collection of short fiction (not the novels) from these postings and compile an anthology for the ebook markets.  My novels are already available in the Kindle, B&N Pubit, Kobo, Apple iBookstore and Google Editions marketplaces.  It wouldn't take much effort to post the Henry's Stories Annual there as well.

So all of your typo corrections fold into the anthology as well as fixing the web postings.

On another note, my latest novel, The Copper Room, will be popping up in the bookstores, paper and ebook, any second now.  Preparing the ebook versions is my current high priority task.

But expect the next story to start here on Wednesday, and my apologies for fumbling the Monday.

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