Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Henry's Stories has been in Tales of the U'tanse for some time now, and there are certainly more U'tanse events to come, but the next segment isn't ready yet, and other projects are rattling their claws, seeking their moment on the stage.

So, beginning with the next segment, I will be serializing a previously unpublished YA science fiction novel.  Read it first here!  Breaking Anchor is a contemporary story that I would normally put on the shelf along side the other Small Town, Big Idea novels -- except for one thing.  Chicago isn't a small town.  When it sees book form, about the same time it wraps up here, I'll be putting it in the Home Planet Adventures stack.

I also want to remind all of you that all of these stories are free, and that anyone can drop in, choose a story from the sidebar and begin reading. The only 'payment' I get is your comments and the numbers on the stats page.  If you could share this site with others, I won't face so many self-doubts when it comes to meeting deadlines and preparing stories for the site. 

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